Terms And Conditions
January 2nd, 2019
A- The website will not atone any losses if your net has got a problem, so make sure of your internet connection before starting the games.
B- 18 or the legal age in your country is the least permissible age of playing the game.
C- Your account will be blocked with no previous warning, if you disobey the site rules or do something to distribute the website.
D- The holding time of tables will be shown to you as for the country you have chosen while registering.
A- Every user who registers in a table, will have twenty suggestions.
B- Pay attention to the winners' factors before registering for the table, they might change according to the website's politics.
C- If the number of of users is not enough for playing, the game won't be held and the registering charge will be paid back to the users.
D- You can register for the table until one minute before the game and it isn't possible to register after the determined time.
E- It is allowed to participate in the games in groups.
A- Rankings are specified based on the scores that the users gain on the site, as follows:
5 scores for participating in each game.
35 scores for gaining the first place in each game.
20 scores for gaining the second place in each game.
10 scores for gaining the third place in each game.
If two or more users gain the same scores, their ranking will be computed alphabetically